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Nick Kuiper
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Hi RevCity members!

Having challenges with Marketing strategy, Sustainability marketing, ABM, Go-To-Market strategy or Demand gen? Contact me.

My current assignment will end this month. I will be available for Interim/Freelance work in these categories:

  • Sustainability marketing
  • International marketing management / leadership
  • Demand gen
  • ABM (Certifications from 6sense and Demandbase)

I have 13+ years of marketing experience, have my own freelance practice and am building a new international collective called The Unsustainables (focused on sustainability, marketing and Go-To-Market strategy. Building momentum for planet-positive organisations).

I am based in Amsterdam and have been working for US/international organizations for the past 4+ years, working with/in different timezones is table stakes for me.

Want to connect with me? Please use LinkedIn as my RevCity account will end soon as it's tied to my email address at my current client.