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Ben Romberg
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Hello everyone, we are Gilroy, a Tier One 6sense Partner in EMEA, and we're thrilled to join this vibrant community of innovators. As a premier Account-Based Everything (ABX) agency, we specialise in crafting integrated B2B marketing campaigns that not only enhance deal velocity but also amplify our client’s growth across the globe. 


🚀 Our journey with 6sense is geared towards transforming the way organisations create, manage, and convert their pipeline into revenue. Leveraging 6sense's powerful AI-driven insights, we offer comprehensive service packages, including: 

  • ABX Activation Campaigns: These are complete campaigns from strategy to execution, including creative assets, sales enablement, and a dedicated online destination for robust pipeline and engagement tracking. 
  • ABX Media: We deploy precisely targeted advertising campaigns that prepare accounts to become sales-ready, ensuring that your message hits the mark every time. 
  • Smart Engine: An integrated marketing dashboard, including 6sense data, that provides real-time tracking of all your marketing activities, helping you make informed decisions swiftly. 

We're here to augment your team and revamp your strategies, ensuring that every step of your marketing journey is not only planned out, but executed to perfection.

🔍 Are you looking to enhance your utilisation of 6sense? Maybe streamline your tech integrations, or tap into advanced functionalities you're yet to explore? We understand these challenges and are here to help. 

📈 Join us as we embark on this exciting journey to power up your 6sense investment and transform your B2B marketing strategies. Let's chat about how we can bring your data-driven campaigns to life with precision and creativity. 

Looking forward to great discussions, learning, and partnerships here in RevCity! 


  • Scott Pearson
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    Great post, Ben! Excited to become a Tier One 6sense partner in EMEA. Looking forward to driving client success within the 6sense community! 🚀