Are You a Recently Certified 6sense Digital Advertiser?

Lori Mendel
Lori Mendel Posts: 21 6senser

🥂 Woohoo! We’re so proud of you.

We hope the certification inspires you to share your new-found knowledge with your team and level up your ABX campaign strategy execution. Be sure to share your success with us and your 6sense peers!

We’ll kick things off by adding a digital badge to your RevCity profile and 200 points to move you up the leaderboard.

Share Your Accomplishment on LinkedIn

Share your certification on LinkedIn and tag @6sense so we can congratulate you! 👏

Be on the lookout for your completion email with a quick link to add the certification to your LinkedIn profile. You can also find a link in your 6sense Academy profile (click the drop-down arrow next to your picture).

Connect with Your Peers

Get active in the RevCity Community and exchange insights with fellow customers and the 6sense team.  

And don’t forget to encourage your team (and your peers) to complete the Next-Gen Digital Advertising certification!

We can't wait to see what you'll accomplish!