Ceros Sees a 72% Increase in Meeting to SQL Rates with 6sense

Grace Gagnon
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Before implementing 6sense, Ceros’ sales development representatives (SDRs) didn’t have a consistent, reliable way to prioritize prospects within their target audience, which consisted of 300–400 target accounts per SDR. This made it difficult for sales and marketing to allocate their time and resources effectively. 

Using 6sense, Ceros has created over 100 different GTM segments that have helped narrow down their ideal customer profiles (ICPs) and target accounts. This has led sales reps to conduct more personalized outreach, resulting in the creation of 450 new opportunities in just six months. 

6sense’s predictive model has also influenced the following results: 

  • 72% increase in meeting to SQL rate 
  • 22% increase in average deal size 
  • 109% increase in win rates
  • 118% increase in opportunities

Read the full story to learn even more about how Ceros overcame go-to-market challenges with 6sense: