Check out these "How To" Guides based on the book "No Forms. No Spam. No Cold Calls."


The 6sense content team has been busy, busy, busy cranking out some amazing content on our blog! If you're keen to implement the concepts in Latané's book No Forms. No Spam. No Cold Calls. these blog posts are going to be right up your alley. Check 'em out:

How to move past MQLs and implement customer-focused, account-based lead generation - this pivot is transformative, but it’s also often challenging for organizations because it reorients a revenue team toward a focus exclusively on the accounts that are the right fit and actively seeking a solution.

How to calculate your organization's total addressable market (TAM) - dive into what TAM is (as well as its cousin, Serviceable Obtainable Market), how to calculate it, and how it should inform your marketing and sales strategies.

How to build an effective revenue plan to achieve your business goals - a revenue plan is a framework for how a company expects to make money. A great revenue plan starts with and responds to data.

How to boost sales performance at every stage of your pipeline - learn how to focus on the right things and not spread your sales and marketing teams too thin.

How to use the right metrics to level-up your marketing insights - you'll get a list of longtime marketing metrics and their more insightful, impactful “next-gen” equivalents. These metrics can uncover deeper insights about your buyers and reveal your team’s actual impact on revenue.