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Hey RevCity!

We are Six & Flow, your strategic go-to-market agency, and we look forward to collaborating! 

We help businesses looking to scale revenue using 6sense and HubSpot. Our three pillar approach to growth focuses on strategy, data, and technology, placing your customer at the heart of operations, helping you optimise the buyer’s journey and drive more revenue. As a 6sense Teal and HubSpot Elite partner, we are uniquely positioned to deliver end-to-end services for 6sense and your technology ecosystem.

The focus is to grow your brand, audience and profits. Partnering closely with clients to deliver ROI, we take pride in our commercial, creative and playful approach.

How we work with clients to drive revenue:

Marketing Strategy:

Insight-driven marketing strategies help our clients to deliver personalised, engaging marketing campaigns that deliver high-quality leads. Using 6sense and HubSpot we deliver targeted marketing across channels.

Sales & CRM Strategy:

With the HubSpot CRM supporting your business and empowering sales teams we offer CRM migrations and implementations that plug in and integrate with other technology and systems driving a unified data-driven approach to sales and insight-driven sales coaching.

We specialise in implementing, integrating and optimising your 6sense platform alongside your HubSpot CRM to automate more actions, reduce sales friction and optimise operations.

Account Based Strategy:

Leveraging 6sense data inside your HubSpot CRM, build a powerful sales engine by understanding your audience and their buying signals.

Our Clients’ Strategic Challenges:

  • Attributing and demonstrating the ROI of marketing activities.
  • Delivering more, higher-fit leads.
  • Tailoring marketing activity to the right Ideal Customer Profiles.
  • Delivering personalised campaigns and low conversion rates
  • Integrating and improving their current systems with minimum disruption and maximum effect. 
  • Forecasting accurately

Want to learn more? Click on our 6sense services deck below.