Stein IAS agency services for 6sense users

Marc Keating
Marc Keating Posts: 3 ✭✭✭

Stein IAS is a 6sense strategic partner selected to be at the “teal” level. 6sense is our preferred platform of choice for powering our GTM strategies that combine creative, messaging, content, and media to deliver full funnel buyer journeys and experiences from brand to demand.

Our clients benefit from an integrated team, that combines strategic GTM skills with data driven, certified 6sense experts and the agencies proprietary BDX operating model, which outlines the key principles and strategies for successful brand to demand integration and full funnel experiences.

Our Stein IAS 6sense offering and services presentation outlines the following:

  • Why we partner with 6sense
  • Stein IAS x 6sense solution overview
  • The value we bring to 6sense
  • Our 6sense services
  • How we connect brand to demand

Please contact me for more information.