FAQ: Next-Gen Sales Certification

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Who should take it? Inside sellers, field sellers, and frontline sales managers. Extra brownie points to the second-line sales managers or heads of Sales that take it as well. ☕️

Where can I find it? https://certified.6sense.com

How long does the Certification take? The entire course takes approximately 2.5 hours. If we could make it shorter, we would, so this is the bare minimum amount of time to cover the necessary topics. ⏰

How many questions are on the test? There are questions after each of the 3 sections, with a total of 20 questions. Students get 3 attempts to pass the test, and must receive a score of 80% in order to pass. 📝

What if I fail on all 3 attempts? Unfortunately, you will need to create a brand new account with a new email address and re-take the course. If you consume the course content as intended, you'll pass in 3 attempts or less! 📅

The Certification covers things we don't have in our company's subscription, like Predictive and Discovery. Should we still take it? Yes! We believe a "certified" seller should know about all of Sales Intelligence's capabilities, so they are all covered in the course and the quiz. We will be making most of the Certification videos available within the app soon where they will be Plan-specific. 🎬️

Who is allowed to get certified? Anyone! The certification is a great enablement resource for all teams -- sales, marketing, CS, you name it. 💙

Do my credentials expire? Credentials do not expire. 😊

If I wanted to send an email to our sellers suggesting or mandating that they get certified, do you have anything I can use? Yes. Copy, paste, edit to taste:

Dear Sellers,
As you know, we’ve made a big investment in your success through our rollout of 6sense, and it is an important part of our strategy for generating high quality pipeline and hitting our revenue targets this year. 6sense has just launched a Certification for sellers and Sales leadership here [would like|is requiring] all of you to get certified.

The entire course runs 2.5 hours long (you can cut it to 2 if you listen at 1.25x), but we are confident you’ll find it one of the most entertaining 2 hours of sales trainings you’ve ever done.

There are 3 different quizzes totaling 20 questions and they are not easy. You will have 3 attempts to pass with a score of 80% or better. If you pay attention to the content, we’re confident you’ll pass first time.

Click here to start. Create an account (you may want to use a personal email address as this certification can go with you), and please let your manager know when you have successfully passed!

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