The Next-Gen Sales Certification is now live!

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Do you wish there was an incredibly thorough, entertaining, on-demand training for your sellers that included knowledge checks so you could be sure they absorbed the material? Well wait no more!

6sense's Next-Gen Sales certification is now live!

This Certification was designed for inside sellers (BDRs, SDRs, etc.), field sellers (AEs), and frontline sales managers. The course runs 2.5 hours because that's exactly how long it takes to cover everything. After carefully studying what's worked —and what hasn't— with sales adoption, we developed this course to equip sellers to keep these two thoughts in their heads simultaneously:

  1. 6sense will change the way they prospect and sell.
  2. It does not do their job for them.

Indeed, a sales training that focuses solely on the amazing things 6sense can do creates unrealistically high expectations that, when not met for the average seller, eventually leads to abandonment of 6sense altogether. And that is bad news for the seller, and it bad news for your company's adoption.

The Next-Gen Sales Certification touts the unique ways in which it helps sellers open more opportunities and close more deals while being very upfront about its limitations. Sellers are inherently skeptical about new sales tools, and this Certification acknowledges that, and addresses the most common frustrations so they can be overcome. This messaging has been tested in front of 100s of sellers over the past few months, and has been very well-received, especially by sellers that may have succumbed to unrealistic expectations initially.

We've also tried to make the Sales Certification entertaining. It's no Wonka, but…well, you'll see…

The final test is challenging, but achievable. The average seller that consumes all of the content in the course should be able to pass in 3 attempts or less. If they cannot pass in 3 attempts, they will have to register with a different account to re-take it.

The 6sense Next-Gen Sales certification is a certification that can be displayed proudly on the seller's LinkedIn profile if they'd like. They'll have that option at the end provided they've passed the final exam.

We've even included a paternal-sounding ghost note for you to copy-and-paste and send to your licensed sellers if you'd like them to get certified. Just make sure you proofread it before sending it out!


Dear Sellers,
As you know, we’ve made a big investment in your success through our rollout of 6sense, and it is an important part of our strategy for generating high quality pipeline and hitting our revenue targets this year. 6sense has just launched a Certification for sellers and Sales leadership here [would like|is requiring] all of you to get certified no later than _______, _________ __.

The entire course runs 2.5 hours long (you can cut it to 2 if you listen at 1.25x), but we are confident you’ll find it one of the most entertaining 2 hours of sales trainings you’ve ever done. There are 3 different quizzes totaling 20 questions and you will have 3 attempts to pass with a score of 80% or better. If you pay attention to the content, we’re confident you’ll pass first time.

Click here to start. Create an account (you may want to use a personal email address as this certification can go with you), and please let your manager know when you've passed!

Your leadership


  • Brandon McBride
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    Ami, this couldn't have come at a better time for us as we're about to relaunch our sales adoption efforts.

  • Allie Gollner

    Woop! Love it! Completed mine last week! The videos of you and @Ernest Owusu are 🤯