Breaking News Timeline of REVEAL

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Breaking news from News Team6 continues to develop as they get to the root of increased sales and marketing protests, the Dark Funnel, and the demand for better sales tools with better data. Follow along here for how the story has unfolded so far. Be sure to check back for more breaking news updates!

Day 1: Widespread protests have broken out against sales tech. Sources say there's information overload, time-wasting research, and not enough time selling. It doesn't have to be this way! On March 14th everything changes.

Day 4: Sales and marketing teams are marching together against forms, spam, and cold calls! This unlikely alliance is in response to demands for better sales tools with more accurate and relevant data, embedded workflows, and better customer experiences for sellers.

Join News Team6 in the studio on March 14 for live updates on how 6sense is responding to the demand for sales intelligence in the industry!

Day 9: There’s an active weather advisory and revenue teams should be aware of the Dark Funnel.🌪️ Visibility into buyers' journeys is limited and there’s a hazardous obstruction in the sales cycle, costing revenue teams $2 Trillion annually.

Experts are recommending that sellers remain safe and vigilant until stronger sales intelligence solutions can be found that offer AI-powered insights on accounts that are ready to buy.

Clearer skies are expected to arrive on March 14.

Day 13: The Dark Funnel has left revenue teams working in severe conditions, operating with incomplete data and relying on guesswork. Customer witnesses have reported that over-priced vendors and divided attention across platforms are likely the cause.

6sense is on the case and relief for sales reps is expected on March 14!

Day 16: The search for complete account and sales intelligence has taken revenue teams to the ends of the earth... and sources say a solution is in sight!

What if there was a way for BDRs to prioritize accounts within the tools they use every day? For sales reps to uncover more members of the buying team and accelerate their deal cycles like never before? What if a simple Chrome extension could unlock even more contact details and buyer insights?

News Team6 continues to inquire. Register to get the full report on March 14! 👀

Day 18: Sellers and marketers report that 6sense Revenue AI for Sales is the solution they've been waiting for to revolutionize their revenue creation! With a prioritized list of accounts and accurate contacts they can reach right now, all the critical data and intelligence sellers need is now all in one place to close more deals efficiently.

If your team has been waiting for this level of account intelligence, join us tomorrow at REVEAL! 

Day 20: 6sense has officially REVEALed its newest solution, Revenue AI for Sales -- revolutionizing revenue creation and reigniting your team's love for selling all over again.

Thank you for following along!