Need a GTM Operations leader with a proven track record?


Hi 6sense Community,

I want to post a quick call to action for anyone looking for an absolute top notch GTM Operations Leader!

6sense partner & friend @Chris Thompson is looking for his next opportunity to help optimize and grow a great Operations team. Chris was most recently with Conga, where is was the VP of Global GTM Operations. Chris helped establish and roll out and overall ABX & GTM strategies, and was integral in aligning Conga’s revenue teams over the past 3 years. Under Chris’ leadership, Conga was able to scale from two to four 6sense product models, create custom 6QA & GTM segments, and fully align Marketing and Sales on process to manage the full customer lifecycle. Over the previous 2 years, Conga saw a 35-40% YoY pipeline growth rate!

In addition to his successful leadership, Chris is an awesome human being! He has been one of our most passionate, collaborative, and kind partners to work with. I can 100% vouch for Chris, and confirm that he will bring an incredible mind for strategy & leadership along with his energy and CAN DO attitude to any GTM Ops team looking for an all-star!

Connect with Chris ASAP before he’s off the market!

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  • Cell – 303-263-3707