[WEBINAR] 🎙Questions wanted! Expanding from EMEA to the US? Industry Expert Webinar/Q&A 🎙

Stefano Iacono
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Hi everyone, we would like your questions!

On October 25 at 13:00 BST (British Summer Time) we're hosting a must-see webinar on expanding to the U.S. market, "Build Pipeline and Grow Revenue in the Lucrative U.S. Market".

Featured Speakers:

🔹 Kerry Cunningham: A 25-year industry veteran, Head of Research at 6sense, and former Forrester Analyst.

🔹 Eric Wittlake: Sr Director, Strategic Marketing Initiatives at 6sense, with 15 years in demand generation and digital strategy and former Gartner Analyst.

📣 Your Questions Wanted!

Have any questions? Whether it's about sizing the U.S. market, aligning sales and marketing, targeting the right accounts, or more - we want to hear them! Post them below, and our resident experts will answer your questions in the Q&A on the webinar. We'll update the answers here too!

P.S. The sign-up page is incoming! If you're interested in joining, give this post a thumbs-up and i'll share the sign-up URL with you once live.



Stefano Iacono

Marketing Director, EMEA, 6sense


  • Nicolette
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    Great topic. We're currently evaluating expanding into the US so I'm going to be greedy and ask two questions.

    1. Do you see a difference in the most effective marketing channels and tactics for B2B SaaS businesses in the US vs UK?
    2. What are your tips and recommendations on how to effectively assess and measure the potential ROI of expanding to the US?
  • Stefano Iacono

    Some more we've received from LinkedIn:

    1. What does an ideal launch team setup look like?
    2. What should I know about payroll, tax etc?
    3. How do I manage investor / board expectations when launching in a new territory?
    4. Where do most companies fail when entering the US?