How NewStore Powers a Proactive, Global Account-Based Approach with 6sense


As omnichannel retail platform NewStore plans to expand into international markets, they leverage 6sense to support more proactive and scalable account-based GTM efforts.

This approach has so far driven exceptional results such as:

  • 124% YoY increase in qualified leads 
  • 101% YoY increase in qualified opportunities 

Marcus LaRobardiere, Senior Director of Marketing, says:

“I tell my team, ‘You guys are like investigators. You’re Sherlock Holmes.' 6sense gives us all of this data, all these clues, that we can piece together to make a case. Whether from a BDR perspective, advertising, or content, 6sense helps us tell a unique story for each account and reveals how we can help solve their problems.”

Get the full story on how Marcus and his team use the full power of 6sense in expanding GTM efforts: