6sense in Action: How We Run our GTM Engine


In this informative session, the 6sense revenue dream team— @EJ Oelling, @Adam Kaiser, @Stefano Iacono, @Chris Dutton and @Harry Monkhouse — pulled back the curtain on the secrets behind our go-to-market engine. They gave us an insider’s look at how our team efficiently turns opportunities into closed-won deals.They shared six key activities that help 6sense build and maintain a high-quality pipeline from defining our ICP to refreshing keyword strategy and investing heavily in customer success:

  1. Defining the ideal customer profile (and figuring out who’s actually in-market right now)
  2. Quarterly keyword strategy check-ins 
  3. Generating pipeline with ‘conversational’ AI email
  4. Field marketing ops 
  5. Smart prospecting 
  6. Investing in customer success

Want to learn more about how we do it? Check out the session summary PDF for all the details.