The Secret to Scaling Demand Gen and ABM Effectively: Ben O’Dell and Carol Howley, Exclaimer

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Carol Howley, Global Chief Marketing Officer, and Ben O’Dell, Global Director of Demand Gen, from Exclaimer shared their journey from zero channels to a robust multi-channel strategy in just a year and a half. They emphasized the critical role of maintaining brand investment while scaling demand gen and ABM efforts. By leveraging 6sense’s platform, they were able to create personalized strategies and optimize their marketing channels, working smarter, not harder, in 2024. 

From Zero to Many Channels 

A year and a half ago, Exclaimer had no established marketing channels. Fast forward to today, and they are leveraging multiple channels, thanks significantly to 6sense. Carol emphasises, “There’s no opportunity to scale in demand gen unless you invest in your brand.” 

The Challenge of Growth 

Marketing remains a challenging game. Despite the advent of new tools and digital channels, the GTM playbook hasn’t evolved as quickly. Nearly half of B2B marketers face budget, headcount, or resource constraints going into 2024. Yet, two-thirds believe budgets will increase, with the tech sector as a notable exception. 

Why Brand and Demand? 

Brand can be your secret weapon in 2024. It helps define categories and create standout opportunities. Key reasons include: 

  • Gen AI: Transforming brand strategy. 
  • New World of Mouth: Amplifying brand reach. 
  • Content Delivery at Scale: Meeting B2B customer expectations, matching B2C experiences. 
  • Higher Returns: Top 10 brands see +98% higher returns, with strong brands driving 6-8x more value for shareholders. 

Building a Content Engine 

To build a solid foundation for brand and search, being “always on” with relevant content is essential. Key content types include: 

  • Blog posts, research papers, white papers, case studies, FAQs. 
  • Video content, third-party research, podcasts—areas with lower competition but high growth potential. 

Embrace Martech and New Tools 

Exclaimer’s tech stack has been crucial for scaling effectively. Recommended tools include: 

  • Content and Design: Writer, Jasper, Mutiny, Bardeen, Chili Piper. 
  • Imaging and Video: Jasper, Lightricks, Uizard, Designstripe, Hour One. 
  • Sales and Audio: Winn, AssemblyAI, Jimminy. 
  • ABM and Email: Exclaimer, 6sense, Cognigy, Shelf. 
  • Synthetic Data: Tonic. 

The Power of Trust 

Trust is a powerful amplifier. 92% of customers trust word of mouth and peer recommendations over advertising. Leveraging this trust through community and relationships is key. 

Scaling Relationships 

Building and maintaining relationships through community, events, partnerships, and alliances is challenging but essential for growth. 

Personalise Everything 

Personalisation is crucial. Expanding beyond paid search to a 1:1 approach can make a significant impact. At the beginning of the year, Exclaimer had been using 6sense for 6-9 months. They ramped up their omnichannel marketing, launching campaigns across at least four channels. Gartner reports that integrated campaigns see a 300% increase in results, and Exclaimer has seen similar outcomes. 

Leveraging Intent 

Exclaimer shifted from using Lead Forensics and G2 to leveraging 6sense’s intent data. According to Carol, “It’s like digital marketing with lasers.” They started with a 1:1 approach, then moved to hyper-personalization and 1:1 efforts, particularly in healthcare. Partnering with sales, they selected top accounts and built customised experiences across all stages of the buyer journey. 

Use a Channel You Already Own 

Email signatures are an untapped marketing channel. 96% of US marketers see their potential for promotional content, event promotion, and sales efficiency. Exclaimer has run full campaigns integrating landing pages, ads, and email signatures, and they are about to use Reachdesk to target decision-makers. 

Key Takeaways 

  • Brand is Your Secret Weapon: In 2024, brand defines categories and creates standout opportunities. 
  • Growth Through AI and Trust: Intelligently scaling AI and leveraging trust drives growth. 
  • 1:1 Personalization: Huge opportunity and increasingly expected by buyers. 
  • Focus on Demand: Prioritise converting intent to scale effectively.