6sense Savvy CRO Available // UK


Posting on behalf of a 6sense-savvy CRO! Please drop me an email on stefano.iacono@6sense.com if you would like an introduction.

I am a CRO coming from the high tech B2B SaaS space and am looking for my next role. I have been a champion for 6sense as part of a robust revtech stack to deliver results such as converting 1 of every 19 6QAs to pipeline, doubling sales win rate and halving the sales cycle.

I have driven major initiatives such as new GTM messaging to disrupt a space, redesigned the GTM and organisation to reduce Cost of Acquisition of Customer and successfully pivoted the customer lifecycle to deliver most recently 104% NRR.

I have lived and worked in London, Sydney and Singapore for many years and I have extensive experience in China - both domestic and trade relations. I have worked in Native AI SaaS, CX, MarTech, Analytics, ERP and Big Data in my career and have always advocated for diversity in my teams.

As a digital CRO I care about preventing revenue leakage in the customer lifecycle ; the customers' time and value from interactions with my company whether that is in the early stages of the relationship or in retaining their business and I care about the Return on Selling Time of my organisation.

I hope to find a company that wants their next stage of growth to come from a CRO organisation that is data driven and has a unique perspective and evidence on how to achieve it