Experienced ABM and Marketing Analytics professional seeking next opportunity

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Hi all,

I am an experienced B2B marketing professional with a proven track record of driving data-driven Marketing, Sales, and Brand initiatives. In my recent roles, I have excelled in leading ABM and Marketing Analytics programs, providing valuable insights through comprehensive reporting.

My expertise includes a focus on utilizing 6Sense for ABM strategy development and execution with a strong reporting foundation. I managed one of the largest 6sense deployments and have worked with 6sense customers ranging from start ups to $2b+ revenue companies.

During my career I have consistently collaborated with Marketing, Operations, and Sales teams, optimizing strategies for improved performance and delivering timely, insightful analysis. With a strong background in leveraging 6Sense, Google Analytics, Salesforce, and other tools, I am well-equipped to contribute to dynamic teams seeking a results-driven marketing professional. References available.


Linkedin Profile: https://www.linkedin.com/in/patrick-mingle-07939463/


  • Amber DeQuiroz
    Amber DeQuiroz Posts: 1

    Patrick, I tried to connect with you on LinkedIn, but I am unable to message you. We are not currently hiring but might be looking for some support in the development of our 6sense strategy. If interested, could you send me a connection request on LI? https://www.linkedin.com/in/adq/

  • Kimberly Conklin

    @Amber DeQuiroz Hi Amber! Patrick is having issues connecting with you on LI as well. Here is his email: Patrickmingle@gmail.com