Getting Started with the 6sense SI Extension for Chrome

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Find company information and lead contact information for any website or LinkedIn profile page you’re on using the 6sense Sales Insights (SI) Extension for Chrome. 

The 6sense SI Extension for Chrome lets you access accurate email addresses, direct-dial phone numbers, and company information for each of your prospects from LinkedIn or from a prospect’s company website. You can export contacts to a CSV file (Individual Free and Individual Paid plans). You get to prospect faster, build a healthy pipeline rapidly, and eventually shorten your sales cycle. 

How the 6sense SI Extension for Chrome Helps You Sell 

  • Build a healthy pipeline with accurate lead data. Unlock contact information such as email address and mobile number from LinkedIn (individual profile), from global search for multiple profiles, or from any website with just one click. 
  • Save time while prospecting. While conducting a global prospecting search on LinkedIn, unlock the email and direct-dial information of multiple contacts at once. No need to navigate to multiple tabs or leave the browser to find out a contact’s details. 
  • Say goodbye to manual data entry. Turbocharge your prospecting by exporting contacts in bulk to a CSV file (Individual Free and Individual Paid plans). 

Check the Opt-Out List 

If you are downloading business contacts through this service, you must review on a monthly basis a 6sense-provided list of persons who have requested that their personal data be removed from the 6sense contact database.  

Check the privacy opt-outs monthly at and remove any contacts you downloaded, if any, listed as requesting removal. (You will need a password to access this site, which we provided in your registration email.) 

You are required to remove these contacts from your personal or internal systems unless you have an independent lawful basis to possess and use their personal data. 

If you do not check the above list each month, then you must remove any contacts that you downloaded on a monthly basis. 

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