Gain Company Insights Using 6sense SI Extension for Chrome

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Gain insights into a company using the 6sense SI Extension for Chrome under the SI Individual Free or SI Individual Paid plan. 

Note: Plans other than the SI Free or paid SI Individual plan have additional export options and can see additional information about a contact or a company that is not described here. 

Launch 6sense SI Extension for Chrome 

  1. Load a prospect’s website and click the 6sense SI Extension for Chrome icon on your toolbar to open it. 
  2. If you haven’t previously pinned the 6sense SI Extension for Chrome icon on the Chrome toolbar, click the Extensions icon and look for it listed there. 

Scan the Company Overview 

The 6sense SI Extension for Chrome drawer displays high-level company information at the top of the drawer. You can immediately scan for the company: 

  • Location 
  • Social media links 
  • Industry sector 
  • Corporate contact information

If you are subscribed to the paid SI Individual plan, you can also scan searchable technographic information in the company detail listings. Technographics refer to the technologies used by a company. This includes software, hardware, and other technology solutions.  

If you click the company name header, its detail page opens in the 6sense Sales Intelligence web application in a separate tab. 

The Export button in this section lets you easily export company information to a CSV file. Exporting one company’s information costs 1 credit. 

Review Company Details and Find Business Contact Information 

Below the Export button are two icons. These tabs include the following additional company information: 

  • About 
  • People 


The About tab gives you a quick overview of the target company, including a written description of the company, its industry, number of employees, and the NAICS/SIC codes that demographically describe the company for classification purposes. 


  • Explore the People tab to get access to the contact details of the employees working in a company. 
  • You can filter the leads using the Filter icon.  
  • Refine the list of people by filtering by division and function, seniority/title, or country. Start typing in any of the filter fields to view a type-ahead list to pick from. 
  • When you are finished adding filters, click Apply. The contacts shown in the drawer are updated using the applied filters. 
  • To unlock contact details, check the contacts you want to unlock. You can check one at a time manually or check the bulk selection box at the top of the list and then pick Select All Unlocked
  • Click the Unlock button near the bulk selection box to unlock the contact details of all the people that you have selected. 
  • Each person whose email and phone number you unlock costs you 1 credit (with some exceptions). You can track your available credits at the top of the 6sense Chrome extension drawer. Read more about 6sense credit usage.
  • Confirm your selection. 
  • All selected contacts are now unlocked. 

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