Change a Contact’s Domain Name When Using the 6sense SI Extension for Chrome

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Change a contact’s domain name to update their displayed email address. 

Caution: Be certain that you want to change a domain name. You cannot export that person’s information if you change the domain name. This is true even if you change the domain name and then change it back to the original domain name displayed. 

You can change the domain name affiliated with a contact. Changing a domain name is useful for: 

  • Company Subsidiaries: If you want to change the domain from the parent company to a subsidiary, you can (for example, from to 
  • Job Changes: Sometimes, we might surface an email address, but it might not be the user’s current company email address. You might know that the email displayed is not the contact’s current email because you know them (you have worked with them before) or from other recent information you have collected. 

When you change a domain name, 6sense checks that additional information against a vast database of contact information to see if that provides a valid business email address.

  • If we find a match, we then display that new email address and display a confidence grade (A+ is best, then A, then B, and so on) next to that email address.
  • If we don’t find a match for that change, the email displayed remains the same. 

Change a Domain Name 

Change the domain name associated with a person’s profile (a person’s database record) shown in the 6sense SI Extension for Chrome drawer. 

  • Tip: To prevent wasting credit or unnecessarily making a contact unexportable, we recommend unlocking the contact before changing the contact’s affiliated domain name. 
  1. Click the Add Domain button if no domain name is listed for a contact, or click the edit icon next to a contact’s listed domain name. 
  2. Fill in a company domain and confirm the change. 
  3. The new domain is displayed. 
  4. If there is an updated email address that matches this person’s information and the new domain name, we show that updated email address and its email confidence grade. 
  5. The “Updated” tag next to the contact name indicates that you have locally updated the contact information. Also, the Export button is now disabled.

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