Troubleshooting the Unlock Feature

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Tips on what to do if an unlock does not immediately occur. 

I can’t seem to unlock an email address. What do I do? 

If the email address doesn’t seem to unlock the first time you click Unlock, you can refresh the page or change the domain name. 

  1. Refresh the Page: Our real-time algorithms might take a couple of seconds to surface the email. If you don’t see it immediately, try again after 5 to 10 seconds. 
  2. Change the Domain Name: If that does not work, you can change the domain name that a person is affiliated with. This option is useful for: 
    1. Company Subsidiaries: If you want to change the domain from the parent company to a subsidiary, you can. For example, to
    2. Job Changes: Sometimes, we might surface an email address, but it might not be the user’s current company email address. 
    3. Caution: Be certain that you want to change a domain name. You cannot export that person’s information if you change the domain name. This is true even if you change the domain name and then change it back to the original domain name displayed.
      1. Learn more in Change a Domain Name When Using the 6sense SI Extension for Chrome.

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