6sense Intent Data Supercharges LaunchDarkly’s Go-to-Market Strategy

Grace Gagnon
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LaunchDarkly, a leading feature management platform founded in 2014, leverages 6sense to unify GTM efforts with actionable insights and intent data.

Tammie Larson, the company's Director of ABM and Integrated Campaigns, shares powerful advice for sellers:

"Before engaging in any conversation, conducting a presentation, or reaching out to prospects, it's essential to dive into 6sense keywords and website page visits. These insights are game-changers, revealing what truly resonates with each account. By incorporating these insights into our messaging, we can create a stronger connection with our customers. With 6sense, we have access to unprecedented insights that go beyond anything we've had before. Leveraging these insights allows us to align our messaging with what matters most to our customers, resulting in a more resonant and impactful communication strategy."

Read the full case study to hear more from Tammie and how her team uses 6sense: