6sense API Portal is Live!

Allie Gollner
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Integrations Team is pleased to announce the release of 6sense API Portal during Breakthrough 2022! 

The portal currently list all our Public APIs and can be accessed globally by anyone using api.6sense.com/docs. The portal includes documentation on all of 6sense API offering for both customers and partners! During the launch of the portal we've also released updates to existing APIs. 

  • Partner APIs: 
    • New Version of Lead Enrichment API 
    • Beta version of Data Import API
  • Customer APIs: 
    • Updated version of Company Details API (previously known as 6signal API) which now includes 6QA data along with firmographic, segment, and 6sense scores

Advantages of API Doc Portal include: 

  • Detailed explanation of all our Public APIs with step by step process. This makes it easier for a developer to start the development without any assistance.
  • Code samples available for developers to know "how to use the API" in popular programming languages like Curl, XHR, NodeJs, Python and Postman.

Check out api.6sense.com/docs for all your 6sense API needs!


  • sarahsehgal
    sarahsehgal Posts: 3 ✭✭✭✭

    HYPED to dig into this to see if we can use it to help bring account and intent segments into our digital experience platform 🎉

  • tperrin
    tperrin Posts: 1

    Do you know were I can find API documentation for Data Packs? We're interested in building an integration to report on ad performance (imps & clicks at the account level). Hoping to get access to this data via S3 or GCP.

  • Allie Gollner

    Hi! Customers with Data Packs can collect the data via S3 bucket. You can find instructions on how to set up the integration here in the Knowledge Base article Integrating 6sense with AWS S3. If you have other questions around the Data Pack offering I suggest the article 6sense Data Packs "Un-Packed."