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Carla Whyte
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Hi all,

I'm having a bit of a moment! I'm sure I watched a presentation on the main stage which gave stats around how much more likely an opportunity was to open/close after the account moves to purchase stage within 6Sense. Looking for this and any similar stats to support a presentation to re-energise our sales team.

Many thanks



  • Hey, @Carla Whyte! 6sense is off today, but I bet @Saima has some up her sleeve. 😎

  • @Carla Whyte Here are two presentations that you might be thinking of!

    Its (Nearly) Over Before You Know It with @Kerry

    The Antidote to More with @Latane

  • Brandon McBride
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    @Carla Whyte I believe what you're specifically referencing is the model report, which is specific to you and can be found in the Reports section within 6Sense. This video from Ami is helpful around talking to sales about the model report.

    Definitely take a look at the resources Kimberly posted. That's the kind of stuff that gets me pumped.

    There are three stats from Kerry's presentation that have really helped me lately. To me they're energizing, because they establish the reality we're living in today and what we need to do to thrive.

    1. By the time a buyer makes contact with a vendor, they're at least 70% of the way through their buyer's journey.
    2. 78% of the time, at that moment, the requirements are nearly or completely set.
    3. 84% of the time, the first vendor spoken with wins the deal.
      1. From this you could infer that the winning vendor had already been decided, but it could also be that the first vendor contacted sets the tone.

    Your sales team may also respond well to the results slides of various presenters. Red Hat's story about one of their BDRs was great, as were the results seen by Reltio and others.

  • Carla Whyte
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    Thanks @Brandon McBride, we're newbies to all this. I'm sure it was mentioned in one of the presentations but I've just had a look at our model report and that has some useful stuff!

  • Carla Whyte
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    Thanks @Kimberly Conklin - I've got Latane's presentation but I'll take a look at Kerry's as well.

  • Saima
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    Agree, i think you're looking for the model report that @Brandon McBride referenced above!