Points, Ranks, & Badges

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As you participate and engage with Discussions and Comments and earn Badges, you will be awarded points. One way of achieving points is to react to discussions and posts.

Reactions - One-click responses to discussions and comments. Members can share how they feel about posts using Reactions. They enable Members to indicate an emotional ("Awesome," "LOL") or empirical ("Like," "Agree," "Vote Down") response without having to type a comment.


As you accumulate points, you will be achieving new ranks:

  1. Tourist - what everyone comes into RevCity as
  2. Newcomer - once you hit 50 points, you will achieve this rank
  3. Local - once you hit 150 points, you will achieve this rank
  4. Model Citizen - once you hit 500 points, you will achieve this rank
  5. City Council Member - once you hit 1,000 points, you will achieve this rank
  6. Mayor - once you hit 2,000 points, you will achieve this rank


Badges serve to recognize and reward accomplishments and community participation.

When a user earns a badge, it displays on their profile where others can see how engaged they have been.

Example of badges:

  1. Choosing an Avatar photo +10pts
  2. Anniversaries +5pts
  3. Agrees, Answers, Comments, Up Votes, Likes, etc. +2pts
  4. Customer Story Participant +200pts
  5. Next-Gen Marketing Certification +150pts
  6. Breakthrough award winner +150pts