SHINE YOUR LIGHT 🌟 Become a 6sense Luminary!

Sarah Wylie
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Hey RevCity 👋

Are you someone who...

  • Loves 6sense?
  • Is eager to share your ABM experiences?
  • Is willing to participate in one act of advocacy per quarter?

If you answered yes to these, we'd love for you to join our new Luminary advocacy program! Regardless of skill level or role, YOU are qualified 🏅

What is a Luminary?

A 6sense Luminary is someone who pays it forward by generously sharing their 6sense and ABM experiences with their peers. 

Whether through a RevCity community post, a speaking engagement, or a reference call, 6sense Luminaries help others see what’s possible in their own ABM journey.  

What is required?

All we ask is that you participate in at least one act of advocacy each quarter. Check out the list of advocacy opportunities here.

So what’s in it for you? 

We’re so happy you asked! The program will give you: 

  • Recognition among peers 
  • Closer interaction with 6sense leadership
  • Exclusive access to new product announcements and beta testing opps 
  • Personal brand enhancement
  • An exclusive Luminary badge in RevCity 
  • Opportunities to earn cool swag 
  • Joy in lighting the way for others

How do I get my own bobblehead?

The 6sense Luminary Bobblehead is the highest form of advocacy achievement 🏆

To earn your bobblehead, you must become a Luminary, get certified on the Fundamentals of Next-Gen Marketing, and earn 500 points by engaging within our customer community, RevCity.

Ready to jump in?

Register here and our team will invite you to participate in opportunities that match your interests!