6sense Revenue AI™ REVEALed!

Sarah Wylie
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We recently REVEALed 6sense Revenue AI for Sales and it was an exciting, jam–packed 45 minutes! If you want to relive the magic or share it with your friends in sales, watch the full event recording below or get the Coles Notes in this overview video:

HUGE CONGRATULATIONS to the three attendees who won free Breakthrough passes:

  1. Mauricio P.
  2. Justin B.
  3. Jana G., @Jana_Marketing_Maven

….we’ll see you at Breakthrough in October!

Interested in learning more about how 6sense Revenue AI for Sales can help your sales team spend less time researching and more time selling? Contact your CSM today!


  • Janelle C
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    I'm so excited about this announcement! My favorite component is how the solution surfaces intelligence that is both actionable and agreeable to sales and marketing teams, strengthening their alignment to crush goals!

  • ronanvance
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    This looks awesome! Everything in one place with integrated, automated, and beautifully visual workflows. Sellers wanna sell. Yeah, sellers gonna sell!