How Behavioral Insights Fuel High-Performance ABM Campaigns at Confluent - with Folloze 🎥

Heather Foeh
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In today's dynamic economy, relevant content is essential to engage top prospects and customers, accelerate pipeline and improve close rates. Content informed by insights derived from 6Sense intent and Folloze-powered digital buyer journey data are proving more effective at converting prospects faster and driving a more efficient content strategy. To be effective, you need the right mix of data, feedback, and tight orchestration between frontline marketing, sales, and content teams. Confluent has developed a proven model to accelerate sales, deepen account penetration, and leverage a rich source of insights to drive a refined and efficient content engine.

In this session, you will learn how Confluent:

  • Uses 6sense intent, SEO, and customer interaction data to understand buyer needs and deliver content that resonates and drives performance at every touch point.
  • Seamlessly enables field marketing and sales to deliver content in the moments that matter across complex customer journeys.
  • Orchestrates tight relationships across customer success, sales, and buyers to ensure company-wide buy-in on content initiatives.


Jess Larkin, Senior Strategic Marketing Manager, Confluent

Adam Perry, VP Product Marketing, Folloze