Breakthrough 2023 Daily Recap Videos, Blog Posts and Breakout Presentations

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I'm still riding the high of our Breakthrough 23 event at the beautiful Omni PGA event in Frisco, TX. Wow!! And did you hear the news? We announced Breakthrough 2024.... it will be in Las Vegas, Nevada October 7-10, 2024 at the brand new Fontainebleau hotel.

📸 Here are the professional photographer pictures from the event - enjoy!

🎶 Here is a link to our awesome Spotify playlist that you all contributed to on this thread.

👉️ And here's where you'll find the breakout presentation PDFs and the mainstage video replays.

💡 Check out this handy spreadsheet if you want a quick table view of all of the sessions with direct links to each post:

  • NOTE: We did not record the breakout sessions! However, we look forward to asking these presenters to share their stories virtually in the coming months in a variety of forums.

Finally, below are the great daily blog and video recaps of Breakthrough 23. ENJOY!

Monday 10/16/23

Tuesday 10/17/23


Wednesday 10/18/23


THURSDAY 10/19/23 - Final Recap!!