Hubspot to Marketo Migration

Anyone out there? This group is quiet, so I wanted to break the silence by asking, has anyone migrated from Hubspot to Marketo? Pros? Cons? Regrets? Lessons learned?



  • Hey @Shannon_Jackson11

    Sorry for the delayed reply. I've led a number of Hubspot to Marketo migrations. Lots of Lessons learned.

    The biggest takeaway from any migration is always to ensure that a full audit is done of your hubspot instance and clear documentation is set out for what needs to be transferred and what does not. Hubspot is laid out very differently to Marketo so its good to start connecting the Hubspot campaigns together into Marketo programs sooner rather than later - what should be in Design Studio vs. what should be built out as a full Marketo program within Marketing Activities for example.

    Another thing I would recommend is looking at the database and getting a good understanding of how active the data is, and most importantly, how compliant the data is. You only want to pull in compliant data into Marketo.

    And one last big part of the migration - get a good email and landing page developer if you don't already have one. There are a few companies who are excellent at building Marketo templates and can take what you have in Hubspot and turn it into a Marketo template fairly easily. Marketo coding is very different from Hubspot for emails in terms of modules, layouts etc.

    I'm happy to chat more over zoom if you ever need to talk migrations.



  • Thank you, @julzjames , amazing info!!