Filter Contacts While Prospecting from a Company Website Using 6sense SI Extension for Chrome

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Use advanced filters to refine the list of contacts shown when you prospect from a company website.

Use Filters on a List of People 

  1. Load the company’s website into your browser. 
  2. Click the 6sense SI Extension for Chrome extension icon on your toolbar to open it.
  3. If you haven’t previously pinned the 6sense SI Extension for Chrome icon on the Chrome toolbar, click the Extensions icon and look for it listed there. 
  4. Click the People icon to see a list of contacts affiliated with that company. 
  5. Click the filter icon. 
  6. Refine the list of contacts by filtering by division and function, seniority/title, or country. Start typing in any of the filter fields to view a type-ahead list to pick from. 
  7. When you are finished adding filters, click Apply
  8. The contacts shown in the 6sense SI Extension for Chrome drawer are updated using the applied filters. 

Quick Tip: If after applying filters you see too few contacts listed or don’t get the results you expected, remove some filters or try different filters.

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