Tracy Blake - MOPs Director - SF Bay Area (Splunk, Cisco, SunPower)

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Greetings, 6sense Community,

Allow me to extend a swift call to action to those seeking an exceptional Data Strategy leader!

6Sense partner & friend Tracy Blake is an accomplished professional seeking opportunities to further enhance her expertise in data strategy. With a rich background in marketing operations and data strategy, she excels as a strategic leader dedicated to harnessing innovative data solutions to drive impactful marketing initiatives and foster business growth.

In her most recent role as Director of Audience Strategy at Splunk, Tracy pioneered the establishment and management of a Data Strategy discipline, directing a team focused on delivering actionable insights and steering data-driven decision-making. Notably, her leadership contributed to a significant increase in campaign effectiveness through advanced segmentation, predictive analytics, and lead acquisition strategies, resulting in over $25M in incremental Annual Contract Value (iACV) in Pipeline for the commercial sales team during the last fiscal year.

Tracy's prior roles at SunPower and Cisco Systems have further fortified her CRM data management, marketing automation, and vendor relationship management expertise.

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