Breakthrough 2023 Key Takeaways (Share yours, too!)

Brandon McBride
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I really thought taking the weekend to relax would help me unwind, but I don't do unwinding well. With all of the sessions, networking, meetings with Kerry and Bryan - I've had a lot on my mind. I've had two key thoughts:

  1. Woah, there's a lot to do!
  2. Woah...there's a lot to do.

I hope you can pick up the difference between the two. For me, excitement is usually accompanied by terror. Especially since implementation of new ideas can be an uphill battle.

As I'm trying to summarize 25 pages (before any screenshots) between the two of us from Striim who attended, I thought it would be fun to share key insights. I'd love to hear yours, too.

To preface this, our current challenge is company-wide adoption. Reltio said it best - it's a culture shift, not just a technology shift. Here are a few things that stuck out to me in particular:

  1. Take out the ABM language and think about the process logically. Not all accounts are equal. Lead processes typically don't take this into account. Sometimes, lead processes even neglect multiple leads from the same account instead of recognizing the potential. A great way to explain it without drowning leadership in new terminology. (Thanks Kerry!)
  2. SLAs and sales involvement is a MUST. Without sales involvement, we're just accelerating our competition's deals.
  3. Burnout is a serious risk if we continue down the path of fishing with nets instead of spears.

My favorite part, though? My daughter found a new friend:



  • Kimberly Conklin

    Ryn x Revvy! So nice meeting you at the RevCity booth and claps to a free ticket to Breakthrough next year. 🙌

  • Sarah Wylie

    This is FABULOUS! Ryn x Revy 💖

  • Renee Belina


  • saraboostani

    These are great takeaways! Wish I could have been there but living through everyone's recaps!! And what a cute duo! 😍

  • charlotte.spangler
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    Love it Brandon!

    Some of my key takeaways:

    1. Importance of an SLA for 6QAs with BDRs (wow thats a lot of acronyms)
    2. Definitely starting small and being as relevant as possible
    3. And that we need to get more pieces of creative in market!
  • Jana_Marketing_Maven
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    Love it. And I felt the same way - daunted, but excited (or vice versa?).

    My biggest takeaways were:

    1. Get sales to 'own' the platform just as much as marketing ops does.
    2. Keywords - kill those that aren't doing anything for you (more frequent review)
    3. Segment, segment, segment: Build and manage segments more effectively (create new folder structure, consider standard naming convention, etc.)
    4. Try to get more of my team there next year.
  • Brandon McBride
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    @Heidi Lear Happy to inspire! Be our next mayor! I need to execute on #4 as well. And #2 has never been more applicable to me than right now. I'm presenting to two of our execs this week aiming for sales adoption and my deck looks so out of place to me because it doesn't have all of the minute details that I love.

    @Jana_Marketing_Maven #1! That's my fight in 3 hours, 45 minutes. I need sales in there! #2 is on my plate as well.

  • Ryan Birdsall

    Great recap @Brandon McBride, thank you for sharing!

  • Jana_Marketing_Maven
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    @Brandon McBride You'll have to tell me how it went. We have sales using but no one over there 'owns' it and there's no formally standard process for sales to use the system.

  • Rachel Zerilla

    Ryn and Revvy ❤️ Love this!!