Automation is what we do!


Bryan Wise, SVP and CIO at 6sense, here. Just wanted to shed some light on one of our major goals at 6sense, because I think CIOs at other orgs can benefit from it.  

It’s never easy aligning and focusing goals across all areas of a company, but we’re doing it at 6sense. One V2MOM goal I’m responsible for as part of my role overseeing and driving innovation within the Business Technology team is improving revenue team efficiency. We’re accomplishing this by:   

  • Eliminating duplicated effort — including cutting out 67,000 hours of manual work from operations this fiscal year — with the power of automation 
  • Ruthlessly prioritizing the high-value work that matters 
  • Breaking down silos across the revenue team, and 
  • Boosting employee satisfaction and sense of contribution and achievement 

Our solution helps our customers focus efficiently on what matters, and we’re using our own solution to do the same. We’ve done a lot of experimenting with Sales Intelligence, AI, and other capabilities of our platform, seeing what processes and tools maximize results while minimizing time and effort and spending. The wins we’re seeing so far are huge, and they aren’t just for us — our customers can experience these upsides, too.   

If you’re attending our customer conference Breakthrough in October and are up for chatting about it, I’d love to share more about our results and what I’ve learned about what makes a revenue team truly efficient.   

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