And the 2023 Breakthrough Award Winners Are...

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Fastest Time to Value - VERTIV

  • Before fully embracing ABM on a global scale, Vertiv tested 6sense to target mid-market companies in Australia and New Zealand. Account engagement and pipeline growth was so strong that VPs overseeing other regions are lining up to go next.

Ecosystem Fusion - COVEO

  • By integrating six platforms with 6sense, they’ve centralized account-level web traffic data and have a holistic view of prospect interactions. This has helped them launch more targeted PPC ad campaigns.

Efficiency Experts - AKAMAI TECHNOLOGIES

  • A consolidation of three vendors and integration across platforms using 6sense resulted in a 9% reduction in upfront platform costs and new efficiencies across the organization.

Sales Success - IVANTI

  • Through account prioritization, Ivanti has nearly tripled the number of BDR-contributed opportunities within a year of implementing 6sense, positioning their sales teams for ongoing success.

Nimble Marketing - HRACUITY

  • Using 6sense data, segmentation, orchestrations, and insights, a small two-person team created a repeatable and scalable email campaign program that’s become their largest revenue-driving channel.

One Revenue Team - QUALCOMM

  • Qualcomm recognized the changing landscape of B2B enterprise and a need for more cultural and technological alignment across sales, marketing, and IT. They implemented 6sense to help them prioritize, support different business strategies, and adapt to global and regional influences.

Ad Campaign of the Year - UDACITY

  • Udacity used 6sense to target audiences and personas throughout a multichannel campaign. The results were improved account reach and engagement, as well as a lift in overall pipeline and revenue influence.

ABM Program of the Year - BLUE YONDER

  • With 6sense at the heart of their ABM strategy, Blue Yonder team members are experiencing breakthroughs across the board. They’re collaborating more than ever; personalizing at scale; and dramatically increasing relevancy, win rates, and deal sizes.

Congratulations Winners! You're an inspiration for all!

Special recognition to our award finalists:

  • Fastest Time to Value - Ovation, Twilio
  • Ecosystem Fusion - Blue Yonder, Hyland Software
  • Efficiency Experts - Five9, Martal Group
  • Sales Success - Armis, HPE
  • Nimble Marketing - Sandler, ThreatConnect
  • One Revenue Team - Alida, Marigold
  • Ad Campaign of the Year - Clearwater Analytics, Ivanti
  • ABM Program of the Year - Calabrio, Cisco, Jamf

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