Using Demand Generation Orchestration to Power Your Pipeline [6sense]

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Hey, @Chris Dutton here from the 6sense Marketing Operations team! 

Here’s a quick summary of my talk from Inspire UK on how using demand generation orchestration, powered by AI and automation, will help you generate healthy pipeline.

Use AI to Define ICP & TAM and Get Aligned

Great ABM starts with the entire revenue team aligning on the accounts you’re selling to. To get to this point and select the best accounts, use AI to unlock your TAM and ICP using historical sales data, firmographic data, and technographic data.

ICP definition should be a complete revenue team exercise. This alignment and agreement on accounts eliminates the tension we often see in a lead-based revenue team and creates better outcomes. 

Define Behaviors that Trigger Sales Activity

The next step is identifying behaviors that trigger sales activity, such as hand raisers at ICP accounts or third-party intent signals. At 6sense, when an account 6QAs (moves between Consideration and Decision) we know it’s time to engage. This knowledge helps you be more predictive and understand how many 6QAs you need to hit your revenue goal.

Align Team Responsibilities by Buying Stage

How will marketing and sales work together? Once a 6QA is triggered, marketing and sales are aligned on which team is responsible for each stage of the buying journey.

  • Marketing moves accounts along the buying journey through Target, Awareness, and Consideration 
  • Sales focus their time on decision and purchase accounts

Note that post-6QA marketing should continue activations to help move customers along the buying journey to accelerate sales cycles and increase conversion.

Use AI for Timely Engagement

Using 6QAs also automates contact acquisition, enrichment, and persona mapping to ensure accounts are worked promptly. This approach enables effective engagement and personalized messaging at scale.

Revenue Plays at Scale by Buying Stage

The type of activations we use depend on a prospect’s buying stage. There’s no one-size-fits-all approach.

It's an omnichannel experience where you have multiple things going on at any given moment, whether it be through display, email nurtures, events, Facebook ads, or personalized outreach. It’s all about leveraging your channels to get the right engagement at the right time in the buying journey.

I’ve previously covered two of these revenue plays, email nurtures and content syndication in another RevCity post.

Measure and Optimize

Finally, as always, it’s key to measure and optimize your campaigns. We use a segment performance report in 6sense to track account movement across buying stages. That way we can see the impact of activations and make data-driven adjustments to campaigns and optimize for better outcomes.

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