Breakthrough ’23 — FAQs

Heather Foeh
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Breakthrough ’23 Registration is Now Open! 📣

Early bird pricing is $1,250 through September 1

Buy 3 or more tickets in a bundle and get a 10% discount

Full details are on the Breakthrough website - including agenda, speakers, hotel room blocks, sponsors and more!

This discussion post will be an ongoing FAQ that we add to over time. Feel free to add any questions you have in the comments!


When should I plan to arrive and leave?

Arrive on Monday afternoon to get registered and then join us for the welcome reception from 6:30–9:30 CT. Plan to stay at the event through 1:00 on Thursday — trust us! The "6th Street Live" session on Thursday morning was lit 🔥 and this year will be even bigger and better. (Comment below if you have anything to say about the 6th Street Live session from 2022!)

What can I expect from the breakout tracks this year?

We have FOUR main tracks this year (up from three last year) and you're welcome to hop between tracks at any time based on what looks interesting to you.

  1. Marketing Foundations - if you're newer to 6sense or ABM you'll find a lot of great ideas in this track
  2. Marketing Mastery - the geekier, in-depth content that you've been asking for! We'll be talking about orchestrations, integrations, and more. Operations peeps will love this track.
  3. Revenue Team Alignment - this one is all about change management, getting buy-in, and other strategic business-focused sessions
  4. Sales - great content for BDR Leaders, RevOps professionals, sales enablement and sales leaders

What is the Executive Experience and who is invited?

This year we're uniting sales and marketing teams to supercharge working together in perfect lockstep because we all know… CROs and CMOs = Better Together 💙

The Executive Experience is an exciting opportunity for CROs and CMOs to experience Breakthrough while also participating in an exclusive half-day of content, golfing with a pro, Club6, and plenty of other networking opportunities.

CROs and CMOs that attend together will both be able to attend for the price of one! Early bird tickets are on sale until September 1. 

Can I jump between breakout tracks or do I have to say in the same one the whole time?

Feel free to jump around! Pick whatever looks interesting to you! (Agenda is here)



  • Nick Sal
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    Thanks for arming us with these details and FAQ's as they come in, Heather! This year will be my first time at Breakthrough, so I'm pumped! 😁🎉

  • Angela Sadighian

    This year's event is going to be incredible! We still have rooms available within our room block at the Omni PGA Frisco Resort (along with 3 other amazing local hotels). Book now to secure your spot - room blocks close September 22!

    Room block info can be found on the Breakthrough site here.