Time to Break-Up with Your ABM Program? - Drift [Breakthrough 22] 🎥

Renee Belina
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As we approach 2023, it’s a given that most of us have an ABM program. What’s up for debate is whether it’s effective and maximizes potential. What happens when your ABM program becomes too complicated, overwrought, and *gasp* disregarded? Like a toxic relationship – it’s time to make a clean break and confidently pursue a new direction – the sooner, the better.

In early 2022, Drift did just that – by dumping their existing ABM program, they made a fresh start, rebuilding a target account strategy based on AI insights that removed guesswork to unite sales and marketing teams. Pipeline exploded as Drift generated $250K of brand-new pipeline in under one month, with next to no associated cost while eliminating GTM waste. During this tale of happily ever after, Drift’s VP of Revenue Marketing, Justin Keller, reminds us that healthy ABM programs, like relationships, are built on a solid foundation of reliable information and begin by simply starting a conversation.


  • Recognize signals that a reevaluation of your ABM program is necessary
  • Learn how to reintroduce ABM to a mature sales organization
  • Get tips for creating impactful conversations with target accounts
  • Gain an understanding of ABM tactics that drive engagement